About our agency - an independent health & benefits brokerage firm marketing high deductible plans since 1980

Key dates in our history:

1980 - Agency started - focus on high deductible plans for self-employed
1999 - Medical savings account (MSA) plans introduced as a "test plan" by Congress
2002 - First individual MSA policy sold over the internet (we haven't looked back)
2004 - MSA plans modified & renamed as Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Our agency is an independent, nationwide insurance and financial planning firm specializing in the design and implementation of heatlh savings account plans for its self-employed and small business clients.  Simply stated, our firm is the most comprehensive one-stop heatlh savings account source on the net!  First, we help you obtain coverage under the “high deductible” HSA insurance policy.  By representing only the top-rated, major insurance companies offering the HSA insurance plans (in most states), we are in the unique position to help you select the best overall plan for you.  Then, we help you establish your own HSA savings account with the leading independent administrator of HSA accounts (although you are free to open your account at any institution of your choosing).   

Our services are provided at no charge to you in the anticipation that you will allow us the honor to become "agent of record" on your new HSA-qualified insurance policy. The agency is licensed in approximately 35 states. License information available upon request. If you already have an agent and would not be interested in switching health plans or in allowing us to become agent of record, please let us know up front so that we may modify our services accordingly.

The agency was founded in 1980 by C. Dean Richard, JD, MSBA.  Mr. Richard is an experienced veteran of the financial services industry, having entered the field in 1980 as one of the original agents with NASE (National Association for the Self-Employed).  Since the early 1990’s, he has been totally independent, thereby allowing him to recommend to his clients only the highest quality plans underwritten by the highest quality insurance companies. Because of his early involvement in the consumer-driven health plan industry (marketing HSA plans and their precedesor, MSA plans, almost exclusively since 1999) he has become known to many and especially on the internet as "the HSA king"™. Indeed, because his websites were the FIRST to focus on MSA & HSA plans, many other websites have (somewhat unfortunately) decided to basically "copy" his concepts, sometimes word-for-word (yes, that is the reason for the "copyright infringement" notice at the bottom of each page). 

Questions often arise regarding those intials used in Mr. Richard's signature box. For the record, one is a law degree (Juris Doctorate or JD for short) and the other is a Master's in Business Administration (MSBA). In 1996, Mr. Richard became one of a small, elite group of financial advisors to obtain a law degree from an ABA-approved law school (Texas Tech). Then in 2004, Mr. Richard obtained a Master's in Financial & Tax Planning from San Diego State, graduating with highest honors. (SDSU remains one of only a handful of top-tier universities offering a comprehensive masters-level program in financial planning.) With his dual advanced degrees, Mr. Richard is one of very few financial advisors to hold both a law degree and a Master's in financial planning from highly accredited universities.

One of the more interesting developments in his career occured in the fall of 2007 when he accepted an invitation from his alma mater law school to teach a law school course. During that semester, "Professor Richard" taught an appellate advocacy course to advanced law students. He has since returned full time to his insurance and financial planning practice (after learning that being a law school professor has certain financial limits).  

It is our sincere wish that you find our site to be of service.  Should you be so inclined, we would be delighted and honored to have the opportunity to assist you in obtaining qualified HSA health insurance coverage, after which time we can also assist in establishing your HSA account. 

To learn more about the HSA Insurance plan and how it can save you money, take the time to surf the links on our site. You won’t find a more comprehensive resource on the net.  To get started, just click on the orange "GO" button to get a quote for HSA-qualified health insurance. We will contact you with a proposal and will be delighted to help you get started saving money with your own heatlh savings account plan. 

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Client Comments
"Health savings plans just make more sense than co-pay plans. We're thrown away tens of thousands on high priced plans that we never used. We'll try this for awhile. It couldn't be any worse."
C.T., Austin, TX.

"What we really liked about your plan design is the $100 deductible for accidents. Nobody else offered that."
N.D., Sarasota, FL

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