‘Sancho’ made a mistake and moved from the Borussia.

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Lothar Matteus believes Jadon Sancho made the mistake of leaving Borussia Dortmund for Manchester United.

When he joined Manchester United. Summer,

The 21-year-old is expected to become a new star at Old Trafford. But has struggled with getting the chance to play as he struggles for his place with C. RISTIANO RONALDO AND THE OTHER WINGERS Including showing no form,

Sancho met with bad news again when being cut from the latest England team.

And Matthaus thinks that now the News would regret the transfer this summer.

“You see the players who play for Manchester United are Rashford, Ronaldo… meaning you have two out of three forwards. Then there are four other players vying for third place in the front and one of them is Sancho,” Matthaus told Sky Sports.

“I do not know a rehearsal with his Manchester United and also had to work hard so to step up to the truth, and now he is still far from the 11 original” when asked Sancho might think.

Leaving Dortmund to Manchester United was a mistake, Matthaus replied:

“When I saw how many minutes he’s played this season or what games he has. play I think it’s a mistake. Maybe he has more money but plays less.”

Sancho has been playing for Dortmund for four years and has scored 50 goals in 137 games in Belgium,

Being named in the team of the best. Twice a year in the Bundesliga and is still a regular in the England national team.

He has played in three Euros including starting in the quarter-finals. But missed a penalty in the defeat against Italy in the final,

Sancho has only started in five of 11 games against Manchester United and has yet to score a goal for the new team.