Agbonlahor reveals why Chelsea should Lukaku

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Agbonlahor reveals why Chelsea should keep Lukaku next season.

Gabby Agbonlahor has admitted he wants Chelsea to keep Romelu Lukaku for next season.

Lukaku will return to Stamford Bridge this summer, with Inter Milan having made it clear they do not want to buy the Belgian forward.

Agbonlahor believes Lukaku will important jigsaw for Chelsea. But if they have to spend money to solve the problem. He also wants the Blues to buy Brentford striker Ivan Tonye.

“Chelsea need strikers, having Ziyech, Pulisic and not including Aubameyang in the Champions League squad doesn’t make sense to me,” Agbonlahor said.

“If I would bring Lukaku back, Ivan Tony would be a good choice as well. They need someone who can score all sorts of goals. and people familiar with the Premier League.

“It requires signings that comply with Financial Fair Play with the amount of money they spend. They wouldn’t be able to spend another £120m on a striker.”

“They had to use Lukaku’s strengths. When Lukaku was at Chelsea, Chilwell and James were injured. And they didn’t send him enough balls into the box.

“You looked at Chelsea against Real Madrid yesterday, Lukaku should have scored at least a couple of goals, Reece James put a lot of passes into the box and Havertz didn’t turn those chances. yes”

“I feel sorry for some Chelsea players. It was as if their hard work had been of no use. Tossing the ball into the penalty area is almost useless!”