Arteta Soothes ESR, Don’t Regret Being Ignored By LIONS.

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Miguel arteta arsenal manager emile smith rowe the young midfielder. Should not be saddened. By the england international’s drop-off.

Latest series the 21-year-old midfielder. Has been outstanding and is expected. To be called up to the squad.

However Gareth southgate i don’t look at it that way.

When Mikel Arteta initially told Manchester City colleagues that Arsenal had come back in for him, there were some who counselled against it.

They expressed the same reservations that figures like Max Allegri have, that the club structure is questionable and all such “a mess”, that it’s going to be very difficult for any manager to succeed there.

Smith rowe four goals in seven games.

I think he should be happy if people get hurt. (that he’s not in the team). Or someone is asking any questions because that indicates what level you’re playing at:”

“no matter what happens in emile’s career, it will come at the right time because we don’t know if now is the right time.”

know better than us in deciding what

he thinks of the role he’s likely to have with the team: “if he decides this isn’t the right time. i’m sure it’s been a thought process and it’s the right decision.’