Beppe Salas Reveals Landmark Deal To Build New Stadium

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Beppe Salas mayor of Milan it was revealed that they have reached major agreements.

With AC Milan and Inter Milan Beppe Salas that will allow the construction of a new stadium to run smoothly.

The issue of the new stadium of two Milan giants, which will build a new stadium near the stadium. Juseppe Miazza by 2027, it’s been Caracas for a while. the latter has

not been allowed to implement this project. however, a major agreement has been reached on the project, with both clubs retracting or postponing construction of the property. to push for such projects to be allowed to start work.

“i see this as a great deal,” the mayor of milan

revealed, pointing out that it was agreed in the mutual interests of all parties.
“i don’t want to call it success because it’s not an issue of who prevails or who wins, it’s about finding a solution where the needs of all parties are met
together. “milan and inter both expressed ambitions to be europe’s top clubs and in that sense the club

is a must for them.

they’ll definitely be looking for other areas, the racetrack is their highest priority.’According to a report ufabet