Champions League final key man

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Champions League final key man

The Champions League final is nothing new for Stones, but he’s been through it with disappointments and lessons. from a 0-1 defeat against Chelsea at the Estadio do Dragao in Porto in 2021.

That day’s Big Earl Cup final, Stones started at centre-back alongside Ruben Dias, but a split-second misalignment allowed Kai Havertz to break through . Look at the tone door to decide the game.

Two years later, he returned to his original position – starting the Champions League final.

But the special type with eggs. That he was use in the position “Defensive Midfielder”

Because it became an important discovery for Pep Guardiola in this latest season. under the circumstances that Fernandinho close the legend move out The newly acquired center, Calvin Phillips, did not play well. The Spanish coach then looked for a player in his hands and found that he had a high sense of the ball, calm, intelligent, good passer, strong, well-versed in defensive game. Have the courage to take the ball to help the offensive game.

That’s John Stones.

(Initially, Pep Long stretched Stones out to “inverted right-back” at right-back when Kyle Walker fell ill. As soon as he saw that he was able to stand in center, he gradually opened up the way. — Sent to pair with Rodri for the first time in the 7-0 smelting game of RB Leipzig. Passed the exam? You can see the score)

“Midfielder… For me, it’s something I have to learn a lot. You mustn’t be selfish. Always have to find space for my teammates,” the 29-year-old star once said. “It doesn’t happen naturally. I’m learning all the time. And doing for the team is the most important thing.

“It’s about playing with the ball. show yourself try to read the situation And you know what the manager asks of me. We rehearse on this all the time.

Because it’s not just “done” but Stones is also “great” to the point that some groups of Manchester City fans burst into laughter when suddenly Got in the middle of receiving a master class like “Sergio Busquets” to reinforce the army in a disguise

The Athletic describes Stones’ quality of play as a “hybrid style of play:

stepping back into the defense by being one of the back four when City are out of the ball and moving up. Become a double pivot in midfield with Rodri in front of the three centre-backs when City gain possession.

For pictures at Ataturk Olympic Stadium on Saturday In addition to taking care of the defensive game with discipline, chasing the game, running tirelessly Faced with Inter Milan football unshakeable And helping the attacking game every chance he gets, Stones adds an extra edge to his stats. He had dribbled past opponents the most in a Champions League final at six, the highest since Lionel Messi’s 10 in 2015.

Not everyone gets the Standing Ovation from the fans, but Stones gets it from the City fans. when being removed to rest at the end

Speaking of Stones’ performance in the previous day’s final, the Manchester Evening News said: “Sometimes individual performances are completely different from the team and the game, and Stones was outstanding. while his surroundings are not like that” with a grade of 9/10 or Man of the Match

Or ufabet summed up Stones’ importance — “Erling Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne are the stars of Man City. The pair finished first and second respectively. In the PFA Player of the Year vote, but the defensive play that Stones created after the switch to midfield. could be a very important factor in the success of Manchester City this year.”