Chelsea captures ‘Chalobah’ to extend contract until 2026

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Trevoh Chalobah has reached an agreement to extend his contract with Chelsea until 2026. Chalobah is a product of the Chelsea Academy. 

Got the opportunity to debut in the big team for the first time on the opening day of this season. And scored in the 3-0 win over Crystal Palace, Chalobah now has the opportunity to play 10 matches.

After impressive results that have been given the opportunity from. Thomas Tuchel continued.

“I almost couldn’t believe it. It was a dream to get a new long-term contract to stay at my boyhood club. And hopefully this dream will continue,” Chalobah said after receiving the new contract.

“It was an unbelievable start to the season. It’s something I never expected. It shows the hard work that I put in and was on loan. It has returned the rewards.”

“It’s been an incredible start to the season and something I never expected, but it just goes to show that the hard work I’ve put in and taking out loans has paid off.

“I’ve tried to impress the manager in preparation and then take that into the games, so it’s been good and consistency is now the key to keep those high levels.”

“I try to impress the manager in pre-season. then got to play Doing it well and consistently is the key to maintaining this high standard.”According to a report from ufabet.