Davies Finds Drake Better Than Defeating Messi

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Bayern Munich left-back Alfonso Davies sees it as more important to meet famous artist Drake than defeating top scorer Lionel Messi.

The 21 has become a key man for the Tigers after joining from the Vancouver Whitecaps in 2018, winning the league and Champions

League. One of the Canadian internationals’ most notable performances was the defeat. Messi, in their game, beat. Barcelona, with an 8-2 draw in the 2019/20

Champions League season, are moreover. Davies’ work also cuck in with the eye of famous artist Drake. After soloing in Canada’s win over

Panama on Oct. That’s why Drake Even if I asked to see Davies in person, the man considers meeting his favorite artists more than defeat. Messi, too,

said, “I chose to meet Drake because I’ve been listening to his music since I started listening to music.” “I’m not going to say anything,” he told One Soccer when asked which was more important. Between meeting Drake and defeating

Messi, “Drake was one of my idols and I loved all his songs. My success with Messi was beating him, but unfortunately I didn’t get his shirt, which probably made it better than meeting Drake. A little So I chose to meet

Drake.” Davies also revealed his conversation with Drake. After helping Canada to victory over

Panama last month, “he was really excited to meet us, and we were all excited.” “He

wished me luck and told me to text him when I returned to Toronto next time,” he said.