John Stones from Man City cut key man in the Champions League final

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John Stones from Man City cut key man in the Champions League final.

In a game where Manchester City were constricted and unable to penetrate, Rodri popped up to score the winning goal that gave the club the UEFA Champions League title , but at the same time This championship would not have been possible without John Stones … the man that Manchester City used to choose to eliminate. To the key man in the UCL final

The defender that Pep Guardiola chooses

John Stones was actually not an Everton pedigree, having grown up and turned professional at Barnsley “Puppy’s Nest” exactly from where he was born (before World Cup 1994 a few days)

Only right-back/centre-back Stones made his first-team debut at Barnsley a year and a half, moving to Goodison Park for £3m in the winter transfer window in early 2013. And the 19-year-old had to spend some time lurking in practice before making his debut with the Toffees. At the beginning of the new 2013/14 season

Stones’ life (early mocked as the owner of the Johnstones Paint Trophy) at Goodison Park has been going well, especially after a period of experience. Until becoming the first choice center back in the era of coach Roberto Martinez 2015/16

It has confirm by the

That Chelsea are trying to secure Stones as heir to John Terry at Stamford Bridge. Singha made three bids – £20m, £26m and £30m – but they were all turned down by Everton.

But to say that Everton is stubborn may be yes, however, more yes is probably because Chelsea are stingy. Wouldn’t want to spend more money than this.

Because as soon as Manchester City approached with a sum of 50 million pounds (47.5 + 2.5),

Everton rushed to put Stones in a bow-tie box directly to the Etihad Stadium without having to Wasting time negotiating for a long time

And while it wasn’t Pep Guardiola ‘s first deal to start with Manchester City in the summer of 2016, it should have been “early deals” as Stones came in just behind. Ilkay Gundogan, Nolito, Oleksandr Zinchenko and Leroy Sane only.

Undoubtedly, someone like Pep saw something good from Stones and would pay such a high price.

But to be honest, both Pep and anyone would have expected that. One day, many years in the future, John Stones will become the key man of the European champions that City have been searching for.