Keane is not pleased with Rashford ‘s celebration.

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Legendary Manchester United captain Roy Keane criticizes Marcus Rashford ‘s celebration as an inappropriate display of frustration. Ready to demand better results Even this attacker Just scored a goal in the home game, drawing Tottenham Hotspur 2-2,

Rashford continues to be the starter. And it only took 3 minutes to play a part in bringing the ball into the penalty area as a starting point for Rasmus Hoylund to collect and score the unlocked goal. Then at the end of the first half Run with the same partner He dropped his own shot and took the lead again.

The 26-year-old England attacker celebrates his goal. with sign language gestures that imitate the mouth of a person speaking before running to slide his knee into the corner flag, which Keane saw and expressed that he was not very impressed. ยูฟ่าเบท

“Rashford has already shown the quality he has. But we need to see more from him,” the former Irishman said while Rashford was delighted.

“I don’t understand why Rashford has to look annoyed at everyone all the time. Even though he plays for Manchester United, he should be happy when he goes on the field.” “

Today Rashford played more simply. And of course the manager and coaching staff. Ordered to run and find more space when the team has possession of the ball. And when he did that It’s difficult for the opponent to stop.”

Sunday’s performance made Marcus Rashford play in the last 4 matches in every competition, shooting 2, paying 2, but Jamie Redknapp, another legendary football guru, Not satisfied either.

“Rashford has no right to feel upset. Because he didn’t complete his own job,” a former Liverpool player said.

“Today’s performance was not enough. Considering his talent and ability, Marcus Rashford should tear up opposition defenders more. Therefore, he still cannot lament being criticized.”