Klopp encourages Lallana to continue his career as a coach.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp encourages Brighton midfielder Adam Lallana. A former favorite of his subordinates to prosper in the coaching field. Because I saw the potential.

Last weekend’s league game at Anfield. Lallana visited as a ‘Seagull’ player and almost scored a goal against his former club but missed. The match ended with a 1-2 loss, sending the ‘Reds’ to the top of the table. UFABET 

The 35-year-old star was given the opportunity to speak to his former teammates after the game. Ask about his woes and his future path after hanging up his boots. From what I’ve heard, ‘JK’ seems pleased with Lallana’s decision. 

“Not surprised at all.” Klopp said when he learned that. Adam was training to become a coach in the future. One of the processes is to take on the role players and coaches with any team Last month. Lallana did not appear with the England U-21 national team.

Klopp said :

“The first and most important ingredient for a young coach is that you have to love the game of football. And Adam is so obsessed with football that it’s coming out of his ears!” 

“He can play football 24 hours a day if he’s physically able to do so. Then he needs to prepare for the next step.”

“Getting involved with the England U21 team is a good sign that he’s ready to learn.” 

“Being a player is an experience. But the whole thing is you have to look beyond yourself or communicate with other people.”

“He is someone I will have a lot of time to talk to whenever. I want to share my experience. So we just talked.” 

“I’m happy for you that football lovers will still be in the industry. I’m glad I chose this way. It must be good for football.”

The 35- year-old player has faced injury problems throughout his career. Playing just 21 league games this season, making one assist for head coach Roberto de Cerbi ‘s ‘ Seagulls ‘ His contract expires at the end of this season.