Maguire puts a lot of pressure on wearing the ghost captain’s armband.

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Harry Maguire, England defender Affected by pressure to wear the Manchester United captain’s armband,

Metro claims Maguire is having trouble dealing with expectations. which comes with being the leader of a world-class giant team.

England national football team Can’t do a good job this season. By making mistakes regularly in the Premier League and the Champions League. He also has injuries. 

Which some media outlets in England see that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Rushed to send players back into the field too soon.

Maguire got into trouble in Greece: received a suspended sentence for fighting with police and attempted bribery. The Manchester United captain denies everything.


First, the 28-year-old English defender apologized to the millions of fans of Los Red Devils. He knows perfectly well that neither he nor his teammates were up to the stage.

“First and foremost, apologies. This was not good enough for this club. We are all disappointed, we have spoken in the locker room.The only thing I really have to say is that we apologize to the fans, this was not remotely close to being good enough. They stayed with us, even leaving the court 5-0, they were singing and we appreciate it. We, as a club, must do better ”.

But the latest news revealed that Maguire did not have a problem because of the injury suffered. but the pressure from expectations After the team started this season not so well.

For this 194 cm tall defender He joined the Red Devils in the summer of 2019, before being appointed permanent captain in January 2020 following the departure of Ashley Young.