“Mo Salah” agreed to a new contract, “Hwan” is close to perfect

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Liverpool close to completing a new contract with Mo Salah after the player Agreed to compromise from his £500,000 weekly wage claim,

‘Reds’ negotiated with the Egyptian national team striker for some time. He reportedly turned down a £400,000-a-week deal offered by the club in December,

Salah, who currently stands as one of the world’s best players. There is a contract bound at Anfield until the end of next season. But talks stalled last month, the

29-year-old looking to earn £500,000-a-week. The equivalent of Cristiano Ronaldo was at Manchester United. But now he has changed his mind and is ready to negotiate with the club’s executives,

ufabet has revealed. Which they report that the players are now ‘mind’ have agreed a new contract. That will keep him at Anfield until the end of his football career.

Now a new contract package has been introduced. With a duration of 3 years, with the option to extend one season

, another factor that “Bang Mo” made the decision to leave his future with the team is support. and the affection he received from the famous Merseyside team. Liverpool have consoled the players after having just broken hearted with the national team in securing tickets to the World Cup in Qatar later this year.