Mourinho scolded the conference as if she had taken a bad

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Jose Mourinho said of Roma attacked Ana Star Buzios Papa Petru referee in a game they open house always Bodo A. Lim club later denied stroke penalty points clear of 2nd

Army “. The Wolves of Rome” of the Portuguese coach Just opened a home draw with rival team Bodo Glimt to 2-2 in the Conference League group stage

, in which the game has a dramatic rhythm where the ball seems to hit the arm of the Played the away team clearly 2 times, but in the said list, VAR was not used, causing the home side to not get a penalty.

“It was not a very good performance, we made a lot of technical mistakes especially in the first half when playing the ball from the back. Every time the ball goes to Vertapau or Darbo we lose the ball and then there are a lot of problems when Zaniolo and Abraham get the ball,” Mourinho told Sky Sport Itali a after the game.

“The truth is that the game ended 2-2 but the two penalties were very clear. 

Did they choose to use a bad referee to start their training career? I didn’t say anything about the referee in Norway because we lost 6-1, but today I’m sorry, the two penalties were very clear.According to a report from ufabet.