“Pep” tells the ghost is still scary when there is “Cristiano Ronaldo”

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola thinks Manchester United are still a dangerous team. Especially when star striker Cristiano Ronaldo.

” Manchester City ” will invade visited the “Red Devils” in derby matches will take place on the Premier League this weekend.

Pep Guardiola’s frustrations were more than understandable as he finally cracked at the relentlessly fickle nature of football.

In the early weeks of the season when Manchester City failed to score against Tottenham and Southampton all the discourse centred on the club’s failure to replace Sergio Aguero in the summer and whether they could still win the Premier League title without a clinical goalscorer – which ignored the fact they pretty much did last season.

the City address. 3rd in the table with 20 points from 10 games, three points more than United in fifth place,

however United won one game and drew another league game last season. Plus, they also have important players like Ronaldo, who were rumored to be moving to the Etihad Stadium before choosing to return to Old Trafford in the summer. In the past

, Guardiola sees United still in danger, especially when the Portuguese national team has joined the army this season.

“I didn’t watch the United game [against Atalanta], I’ll go and analyze. to know how good they are,” Pep said, according to ESPN.

“We saw it last season. They have one of the best players in history, who can become a scoring machine.”