UEFA releases report on coronavirus, European clubs ruined by 7 billion

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UEFA released a study that found that European clubs Total losses of more than 7 billion euros during the coronavirus pandemic over the past two years.

however, despite the majority of club numbers being negative. But the wages of players rose 2 percent to 11.9 billion euros during the same period.

The virus-disrupted past two seasons, with many games played to empty terraces. Ended an uninterrupted rise in revenue over the previous 20 years.

With gate receipts decimated, sponsorship down and television rights receipts hit. Clubs suffered a four billion euros hit in 2019-2020, and three billion in 2020-2021.

The ufabet report states that Each country’s top league teams have combined losses of €4 billion in 2021 and dropped to €3 billion last year.

British media reported in the report that 724 clubs in the top 54 league countries across Europe. It received an additional income of around 900 million euros, while the revenue from sponsorships increased to 1.7 million euros.

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin said: “One of the lessons of the last two years has shown our solidarity. and the cooperation of European football “

This report provides a straightforward breakdown of the challenges after the pandemic that awaits us.

” After all, European football will remain very strong, stable and united in 2022.”